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Your pet often will not show outward signs of illness or injury - many household pets and domesticated animals will be very stoic and not show that they are hurting.

Subtle changes - not quite so energetic - licking themselves more than normal grooming - pet seems lethargic when normally they are very energetic - change in their approach to food and/or treats - all of these might point to some injury/illness internally that is not showing outward signs to you as of yet.

The more quickly you treat your pet when you see something that is 'off' (i.e. not normal) - the more quickly they are likely to return to full health.

Treatment will involve the practitioner coming to the pet's home - having a quiet enclosed area to work with the pet - allowing the pet to adjust to the practitioner - having an open time of 20 minutes up to 60 minutes (or more) to work with the pet - treating the pet hands-on if the pet is agreeable - or from a distance if the pet prefers this method.

Many pets will be curious and will approach the practitioner - will allow a hands-on or 'near' hands-on method of treatment - and will sometimes totally relax and even drift off to sleep during treatment.

Some pets may accept treatment and then walk away when they are feeling they have had enough as it to say "okay, that's enough for today, thank you."

Various modalities may be incorporated into the treatment of the pet - Reiki - Integrated Energy Therapy - Therapeutic Touch - Pet Massage - some are offered in person, some are healing energies from a distance - "it's all good" as the saying goes!

We will not rush a pet through their treatment - and as well, if the pet's treatment only takes 10-15 minutes, that is fine, too. The animal is the one that determines the amount of time they wish to be treated.

Generally we find best results by doing 2-3 treatments in the initial week of treating a pet. The second week - depending on how the first week's treatments go - perhaps 2 times. After that, if there appears to be good response and progress, weekly treatment visits.

Treatment Pricing

Initial & Subsequent In-Home Sessions


Rescue animals that are supported by a registered rescue organization can apply for a discounted rate for in-person sessions